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Women’s day

Today is international women's day. Truth be told I asked myself what exactly it was about. Is like mother's day? Spouse day ? A mix of everything? How exactly do we celebrate it ? Flower's and chocolate? A vacation ?... Continue Reading →

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17 and pregnant

It was one of those days I had been scheduled for day admissions and the nurses who were scheduled to work with me knew my routine. I hate working in disorganized spaces. So I usually start with a triage by... Continue Reading →

Tel Aviv/ Eilat – 2017

La bretagne-2017


Uncomfortable topics: pregnancy out of marriage

I will start by saying this to the  "older and wiser" generation: YOU HAVE FAILED US and you should not even dare to try to make us feel bad about the so-called "mess" we are. It is ALL YOUR FAULT.... Continue Reading →

“AFROSANTA” by Raissa Kamaliza

The moon was out on this serene sunny season night. The silence was more accompanied than broken by the chirps of crickets, the occasional evil spirit and owls’ calls. An old man sat beneath a tree for a snack after... Continue Reading →

Letter to my 2018 self

Dear Me, I hope you are doing well. As you very well know, I/you/we did not want to have resolutions for the year 2017 . The logic behind that was that we never follow through , so there was no point... Continue Reading →


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